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Exploring (Redux) by HazelHolly
Exploring (Redux)
So, a while ago, I drew this: <da:thumb id="128869423">

And when I say "a while", I mean, "several years".

Have a redraw
Byakuya And Antonio by HazelHolly
Byakuya And Antonio
(Wow, today is a day of uploading!)

My team in X featured a Meowstic and a Hawlucha, named Byakuya and Antonio respectively. And here they are.

They used to hate each other's guts, but now? Not so much.
Mega Lucario Girl by HazelHolly
Mega Lucario Girl

So, since Mega Evolution is basically a magical girl transformation, have a Mega Lucario magical girl.

Her name’s Lulu. It’s short for Lucianne.

There's a reason for that. I got bored.

I just... had no really reason to keep posting here, I guess. I lost interest in the fanfics I was writing (and with good reason - they weren't very good at all).

But, well, I want somewhere to put my art. And I still have this account, so why not?

Here's the deal. It's been years. I'm not into most of the stuff I was into back when I last posted. Hetalia, Super Smash Bros, Death Note... I'm not into them any more. So if you want stuff related to that, stop watching me.

If you want a continuation to any of the fics I wrote? Nope, stop watching. It's not gonna happen. None of it was even that good to begin with, and I've forgotten most the details anyway.

The only thing I can guarantee I'll post is Pokemon, and I might post Homestuck-related stuff too. So if you like that, keep watching.
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United Kingdom
The name's Maddie. Not Hazel. Don't ask.

I like all kinds of things, including various webcomics and anime. I'm also a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction.

I haven't posted here in a while, but I'm trying to post more things. So, y'know.

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